Rock Formations Viewed Through Ancient Cedar Trees

I am always trying to find a unique view of Nature’s beauty.

This is one of the trails I have used ancient cedar tress to frame rock formations or mountains in the distance.

Still a learning curve with not having a view finder. But some of the shots came out pretty interesting.

These two have thin branches that seem to be celebrating the view below them.

Ancient Cedar Trees frame Rock Formation in Garden of the Gods

Or perhaps looking on in wonder, as I do when hiking among them.

I often have to pause and place my hands upon their ancient, twisted beauty to connect with the tree spirits within.

Sometimes I lean into them, and that may be when I discover a completely different view of my surroundings.

As we climbed higher, we had a clear view of the central pathways that wind through the major formations in the Garden of the Gods.

These formations were seen as very important to the founders of Colorado Springs and they created a park to protect them many years ago.

Pausing to look through a couple of cedar trees, I was able to frame the pathways with another view of another rock formation rising majestically from the earth.

Ancient Cedar Trees frame the Central paths in the Garden of the Gods

As I looked at this photograph, at first I didn’t like the branch hanging down.

But when I realized that it was aligned perfectly above the tallest rock, I found an new appreciation for that bit of greenery.

I will continue to take photos from the same vantage point every time I hike this trail, looking for the perfect lighting to highlight the beauty of the rocks and cedars.

But I do think this is one of the best images of the central path framed by cedars I have gotten. And that is partially due to the new camera and its better settings.

Twisted Cedar Frames Garden of the Gods

This is a slightly different view of the beautifully grained cedar trees that contain the view of the red rocks below.

I did take a moment and rest against their broad strong trunks.

Just wish I could see the actual shots I am taking a little better when I am out in the sunlight, still this one was one of my more favorites on this hike.

These cedars are very old.

They are partially dead and partially alive.

How they have lived  and survived in this harsh environment for centuries is a mystery to me.

The incredible beauty of their twisted forms and bits of greenery always bring joy to my heart as I walk among them.




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