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A Walk with Two Ladies Becomes a Uphill Hike

On Friday, my Greek friend and Kathleen Suggested we take a Walk together on Sunday. They had planned on parking their cars at my house to avoid the paid parking in Manitou Springs. But when I got up and started to get dressed, I saw that my cottage tenant had begun the process of moving […]


Becky Elder Keeps the Carnivale Parade Characters In Line

Every Parade needs someone to keep it moving, but not have the participants not on top of each other. Becky has done this for many years. And on this cold and snowy day, Carnivale Parade participants wanted to get moving as fast as possible once the parade began.┬áBut that means they get bunched up and […]


Horses in the Garden of the Gods

One never knows which creatures one will see on a hike. But it is almost a certainty to see horses on many of the trails in the Garden of the Gods. And if you don’t actually see the horses, you always must be careful where you step, because horses have been there and leave their […]