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Orchids are the Butterflies of the Flower World

The rare beauty of an orchid reflects the patterns found in butterfly wings. Both look very fragile, yet thrive in exotic habitats where temperatures can be extreme. The graciously share their beauty in secret places. These delicate orchids seem to want to take flight, but are grounded by their roots. I could here these orchid […]


How Orchids Speak to All People

Flowers have always held a special place in my Heart. They have always had the ability to lift my Spirits and bring Joy into my World. A garden filled with vegetables is very practical, but whenever I planted a vegetable garden, there also had to be flowers. And yes, I enjoy the blossoms of squash, […]


And Then There were the Orchids in Full Bloom

There was an orchid show at the Denver Botanical Gardens. The last time I was there the orchids were also in full bloom. Had a hard time leaving their presence both visits. Such beauty. Hard to capture the feelings they bring about when one steps into the room. Joyful feeling infused by their laughing faces. […]