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Solutions for Lifes Challenges Often Appear on Hikes

Taking Quotes to Heart. A webinar today about “Your Genius Factor” hosted by Tony Laidig has me thinking hard about where I am not focused on the right things to create abundance in my life. “The problem is that we always look for the missing piece of the puzzle instead of finding a place for […]


Cedar Trees Growing in the Garden of the Gods

The Ancient Cedar Trees in the Garden of the Gods have weathered many storms. Looking at these ancient beauties always gives me faith that however twisted life sometimes appears, something beautiful can come from it. Seeing how they still have green growing sections and other areas that look so very dead, yet beautiful, inspires me […]


Hogback Trail at Red Rocks Canyon

This week’s hike needed to fit in some time and distance parameters. It needed to be close to Manitou, as I had much to do today. And I was looking for one that would not have as much appeal in the summer as it would as a winter hike. I came up with a perfect […]