Been Down A Rabbit Hole

I’ve Been Down a Rabbit Hole of Creativity for the Last Year.

So one of the main reasons I haven’t been focused on writing about my hikes is, I had fallen down a “rabbit hole’ of being creative with my Nature Photos.

This is an example of what I have been doing that came from one picture of the “hiking cat” yesterday.

This is the original photo.

Original Hiking Cat in Manitou Springs

Then this came out using a small piece with the cat in it.

Abstract Cat Hiking in Manitou Springs

Then this one came next.

Abstract Cat Hiking in Manitou Springs

And this one . . . Sometimes you see the cat, sometimes you see a fantasy creature . . .

Abstract Cat Hiking in Manitou Springs

I have been putting these types of images and a series called “I Choose Love” that has a nature image inside a heart on

On this site, my artistic images can not only be bought as framed prints and cards, but can be put on mugs, t-shirts, pillows, towels, shower curtains and so much more. Pretty fun.

And this one came from the “Let It Be Tree” seen in my last post.

Do you see the fairies?

Let It Be Tree Abstract

Take a moment and write a comment about what you see in any of these images.



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