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Signs of Spring in Ute Valley Park

There were many signs of Spring along the trails in Ute Valley Park. Some more noticeable than others. There were many of these purple flowers and the prickly pear cactus were greening up along some sections of the trail. Ah, cactus are every where we hike. Gotta be careful when stepping off the trail to […]


Incredibly Interesting Rocks and Views at Ute Valley Park

I love interesting rocks almost as much as I love driftwood to take photographs of and find faces and creatures within them. This trail had many more interesting rocksĀ  and rock formations than driftwood. Not sure why, but it did. There were just a few interesting tree stumps with green accents on this trail in […]


Ute Valley Park is an Urban Trail in Colorado Springs

Although Ute Valley Park is surrounded by homes, most of the trail seems as if you are deep in the wilderness. The most spectacular landmark is a hogback ridge, but it also has many sandstone cliffs and mesas and plus some flat and wooded areas. So hiking in this park has many rich experiences of […]