Hiking Journaling Starts Again

Time to share more hikes and how they revive my spirit.

So I haven’t stopped hiking, I just got away from posting them here. But plan on writing about current and past hikes starting NOW!

Just two days ago it was frosty and very cold. Then it was 60 degrees today and I just couldn’t resist being outside in the sunshine.

So I started out to take just a walk up my street.

I hadn’t intended to actually hike today, so didn’t have water or hiking boots or walking stick.

But I kept going up just one more street. Then, on the street near a short trail leading up to a field I was joined on this walk by a very friendly cat.

As I stood below this steep trail, I decided I really wanted to visit my favorite “Let It Be Tree”. So up I went.

My Let It Be Tree in Manitou Springs

And the cat followed me . . .

Manitou Springs Hiking Cat

This reminded me of the times when I lived for a short time in Florissant that my two cats I had then would hike with me. And when I moved back to Manitou I would put them in the car and drive to a nearby trail-head and we would hike together. They loved those hikes!

He kept rubbing on me, looking cute, and laying at my feet when I sat on the trunk of the tree basking in the sunshine.

Cat at My Feet

At this point, I decided to make it a longer walk/hike and climbed up the very steep section to get to the field and another trail. And without my hiking pole, it looked a little daunting.

Manitou Springs Steep Trail Hike

Since the cat kept following me, I just kept walking on some deer trails in the field, not wanting to really get on the trail, and I didn’t have water or my in-town hiking pack on my back. Just my phone and camera.

Cat on Deer Trail in Manitou Springs

We walked around and I actually did something I don’t think I have ever done before, I called a friend who needed some encouragement. And we chatted about ways to help each other. I kept trying to take photos with the camera while on the phone. A few came out just fine, others . . . well, not the best approach to getting good photos.

After I finished the call, I walked a few more minutes, but it was time to go back. And I although I really didn’t want to leave that sunny space, I walked towards the place I came up.

Manitou Springs Steep Trail Hike

Looking down I decided it was just too risky to do without a pole and hiking books.

The kitty easily tripped down there and invited me to follow.

Manitou Springs Hiking Cat

But, I wasn’t up for risking a fall on the very slippery steep slope. Told him to go home and I headed for the street.

Kitty didn’t understand why I didn’t follow him, so came and followed me. But he was pretty hesitant on the street. Seemed unsure where he was. So, I picked him up and carried him a few blocks. He was kinda nervous and kept looking around, but didn’t try to escape my arms.

Manitou Springs Hiking Cat

When we got close to the trail area I had gone up, I let him down. A guy was there and greeted the cat by name. I asked if he knew where the cat lived. He said yes, and pointed to a driveway across from the trail and the cat was happily walking up it. Was glad I could continue on home without that sweet kitty following me.

It was a lovely break from the computer and being indoors. Still, I am not totally comfortable with the series of really warm days we have been experiencing in January and February. Sunshine is not unusual, but 60 degree weather just seems wrong at this time of year!

Glad I did take advantage of it today and truly enjoyed being able to get away from town in such a short amount of time and enjoy vistas and “wilderness” so close to home.

Mountains around Manitou Springs

If you enjoy hiking and writing, I would invite you to check out my Hiking Journal.

It is not just a “blank” book for writing about your hikes, but has spaces to record specifics about each hike. It also has pages and space to do some writing about what inspired you on each hike.





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