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Pulpit Rock February 2017

It has been a few years since I last hiked the trails at Pulpit Rock. There was absolutely no signage indicating where to turn off of Nevada Avenue or where the trail head actually is located. And the entrance for the parking lot is quite different looking. But we did find it after a couple […]


Been Down A Rabbit Hole

I’ve Been Down a Rabbit Hole of Creativity for the Last Year. So one of the main reasons I haven’t been focused on writing about my hikes is, I had fallen down a “rabbit hole’ of being creative with my Nature Photos. This is an example of what I have been doing that came from […]


Hiking Journaling Starts Again

Time to share more hikes and how they revive my spirit. So I haven’t stopped hiking, I just got away from posting them here. But plan on writing about current and past hikes starting NOW! Just two days ago it was frosty and very cold. Then it was 60 degrees today and I just couldn’t […]