Julia Wright is an artist and writer who lives in a small mountain town where artists, writers, environmentalists, writers, hikers and holistic healers abound.

Hiking and appreciating this amazing planet we live upon has been a passion of mine for many years.

A few years ago I had a minor surgery that impacted my ability to walk at all.
I could barely walk, my leg was hugely swollen and many “lovely” shades of purples.
A nurse at the hospital described the problem as having a “killer” in my leg.
Three Doctors told me they could help me, and that this health challenge would only get worse.

I fired the Doctors, worked with holistic healers, used essential oils, took supplements and developed healthy eating habits.

I was very determined to get back to hiking as quickly as possible.

Part of the journey included taking short walks every day, that would lengthen as I improved.
I began by taking short walks around our lovely little mountain town.
Then short hikes on very flat areas nearby, but out of town.

A year and a half later, I flew to Italy and took many hikes and walks in city and country areas. I was totally on the mend, and got my confidence back in myself and my body.

Less than 4 years later I hiked 10 mountainous miles at Warrior Camp in Canada.
That was definitely a turning point for me being able to hike long distance and had defeated the Doctors dire prediction.

Over the years, I have reduced this major complication to a slight inconvenience.
Even my GP has been amazed at my progress. And she encouraged me every step of the way.
Now I can hike for miles on weekends, or walk somewhere in my town every day.

From the very beginning, I used many natural supplements, essential oils, craniosacral therapy, massage and exercises to get my life back to a semblance of normal.

Every night and morning I massage my leg and feet with a variety of Young Livings essential oils and blends, including AromaLife, Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint, Helichrysum and Valor.

I massage some essential oils onto my leg to help to keep the circulation in my leg healthy and others to help rebuild tissue and keep the bruised areas to a minimum.
This site is devoted to sharing the hikes I will be taking starting in January 2014 and in the future.

Not all will be long, and I may back track to share some I took years ago that were incredibly beautiful.
The hikes in Italy inspired this site. I was very scared of life that was in front of me when I traveled to Italy. But that trip helped me find my center again and transformed my attitude and spirit on many levels. The changing moment can be pinpointed to a day I wanted to take a bus to the next town. I set out towards the bus station, but after a bit of walking, realized I must have missed it. I kept walking and taking photos until I reached the next town. Here, a young couple with children gave me a bottle of water when I asked where I could find a store. They told me of a flea market happening and about the ferry that I could take to return to my hotel. This was all done in broken English and Italian. We smiled and laughed and I was very grateful for this encounter.

I went to the market, found some Venetian glass beads and a beautiful bowl. Then took the ferry back. My leg was swollen, but instead of worrying, I waited until everyone had finished in the shared bathroom and took a long bath. In the morning, my leg was almost back to normal.

From that point on, I knew I could do anything I set my mind upon.

In this blog, I will be sharing the beauty found nature all around us, and how it can help everyone renew their spirit and transform their lives.

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