Pulpit Rock Lion Turned Into Art

Pulpit Rock White Formation turns into Art.

One of the white rock formations on the Pulpit Rock hike haunted me after finishing the hike and downloading the photos.

I knew it had to get transformed into one or two of my surrealistic, abstractions images from my nature photos.

Pulpit Rock Lion Formation

At first sight, just thought of it as a stony lion, that reminded me of the ancient sculptures I had seen all over Europe.

But when I began to play with it, saw two ways it could be looking. In either one, I loved how it looked like they were being reflected in a pond below.

One, just a series of two lions facing each other.

Surrealistic Pulpit Rock Lion Formation

Or with two lion lovers being guarded by their friends acting as look-outs in two directions.

Abstract of Pulpit Rock Lion Formation

Leave a comment letting me know which one do you like best?

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