On the Bevers Trailhead in July 2015


Had planned on taking a hike in Red Rocks, but called my hiking friend and suggested a different trail.

This trail is part of the Intermann Trail and starts up in Crystal Hills.

She agreed and we were both so very happy we made this change of plans.

So many flowers and great views to be seen.

Bevers Trail Begins With Flowers

I was really excited to see that the cactus were blooming.

Peach Prickly Pear Cactus

The Prickly Pear Cactus were glorious and blooming in many colors all along the trail.

Yellow Prickly Pear Cactus

Peach Prickly Pear Cactus 

At the trails beginning my hiking friend pointed out that  there were some rather interesting flowers blooming there.

Prairie Cornflower Group

What do you see here?

Prairie Cornflower Exotic

They are Prairie Cornflowers.

Prairie Cornflower 2 colors

What did you think the were?

And then there were these sweet flowers.

Mariposa and Scrub Oak

I think they are called Mariposa.

They did come in a few colors, but the lavender ones were my favorites.

Mariposa Close

And  just had to get a really close up image of their inside beauty.

Mariposa close up inside

Then there were the very delicate Penstemons.


There were many areas that the Indian Paintbrush were growing in groups or singularly.

Indian Paintbrush

And I kept trying to get a perfect shot of these very delicate fluffy end game for a yellow flower.

Puff and its gone

We had some incredible views on different sections of the trail.

So green on Bevers Trail

I don’t think I have seen Colorado hills this green in many a year.

At one point we had a view into Crystal Park.


View of Crystal Park on Bevers Trail

A few places we had great views of the Garden of the Gods.

View of Garden of the Gods from Bevers Trail

And there was view of Cedar Heights and the burned area above as a reminder of a drier year.

View of Cedar Heights from Bevers Trail

We could see Red Rocks Canyon and far beyond from many points on the trail.

We started down by the green water tower.

Red Rocks and beyond


The pine cones were not as spectacular as on the last few hikes.

Pine cones on Interman Trail

There were a few lavender or pink ones.

Pine cones on Interman Trail

These are reminiscent of Christmas ornaments

Pine cones on Interman Trail

Some were just fun to look at. Green and Brown on the same growing point.

Pine cones on Interman Trail

When we got back to being close to the beginning of the trail, we decided to take another path.

FB_Bevers Pond Reflections_6691

This was another really good decision.

When looking into the pond we saw these strange creatures.

Anyone know what they are?

Tadpoles in Bevers Pond

The water bugs were skipping along creating waves above the sandy bottom.

Water Bug in Bevers Pond

What we encountered when we looked closer at the pond was truly magical.

FB_Bevers Blue Dragonfly_6712

These iridescent blue dragonflies were dancing around us and around the pond.


Blue DragonFly at Bevers Pond

And what were they doing here?


DragonFly at Bevers Pond

Must be mating season for these beautiful winged creatures.

Then back on the other side of the pond.

DragonFly at Bevers Pond

Two styles of Black and White Dragonflies posed for us.

DragonFly at Bevers Pond

A bit difficult to get a picture from a distance, but they let us try for quite some time.

DragonFly at Bevers Pond

Heading back, I had to remind myself I had known the last few bits of the trail were a steep uphill climb.

But it was an easy climb when I thought of how I had been well rewarded for coming down this hill.

Last Climb out of Intermann Trail

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