Catamount Reservoir Hike Near Woodland Park Colorado

Hiked to the Catamount Reservoir on June 24, 2015.

Took a longer hike yesterday than last weeks hike.

Sunny Pikes Peak at Catamount Reservoir Hike

Started a bit earlier and had blue skies at the start.

Clouds gathering at Pikes Peak at Catamount Reservoir Hike

As we hiked farther beautiful big puffy white clouds appeared all around.

Puffy Clouds over Pikes Peak on Catamount Hike

The trail seemed to end, but we walked along the shore a bit farther.

Reflection in Catamount Cove

I think the water was just up high and we had always had to walk on the shore, but it was probably wider in the past.

Catamount Reservoir Cove Reflections

And every time we thought we were getting close to seeing the large reservoir, another cove caused us to take a long detour around that watery area.

Cloud Reflection in Catamount Cove

I did enjoy getting some great reflections on the water, even though it wasn’t very still, some of the images came out really beautiful. Like the big cloud reflected with the trees next to it.

Then the clouds began to darken and the wind picked up a bit.

Dark Clouds Pikes Peak at Catamount Reservoir Hike

And as we started to head back it was thundering all around us.

It began to sprinkle as we neared the parking lot.

Never rained very hard on us, but as we drove out of the area, looking back at Pikes Peak, it was storming up there.

Raining or snowing Pikes Peak near Catamount Reservoir

There wasn’t the profusion of flowers in this area like we saw in Lovell Gulch. Still we saw some beauties.

Catamount Reservoir Green Flowers

I have no idea what this green flower is called. And just saw only one. Has an orchid look to it.

If anyone know what it is, please comment below.

Catamount Reservoir Flowers

And I found some posed against driftwood making a beautiful contrast of color against the grey weathered wood.

Catamount Reservoir Indian Paintbrush

And just a few Indian Paintbrush were to be seen.

Catamount Reservoir Shooting Stars

And there was one area of many Shooting Stars that I do so love to see. Memories of my childhood in Wildwood, Illinois and walking in the wooded areas around our home come rushing back. I always have loved walking in forests and enjoying the wildflowers and wildlife I might spy.

 There was on stump that my hiking partner saw as Ganesh.

Web-Ganesh Stump_5781

I could see the trunk and she declared that meant abundance was coming our way. I’ll take that type of positive energy every day if I can.

Geese on Catamount Reservoir

The only creatures we saw on the hike other than butterflies floating by and birds flying high were a whole gaggle of geese on the reservoir.

Red Pine Cones at Catamount

And then there were the Pine Cones. So many different colors and configurations.

Red Pine Cones at Catamount

The little sprouts sort of looked like raspberries. So interesting to see the different stages all on one tree.

Red Pine Cones at Catamount

Never remember noticing them growing in this manner.

Pine Cones at Catamount

Pine Cones at Catamount

Pine Cones at Catamount

Pine Cones at Catamount

Tiny ones just beginning to sprout next to one, two or three closer to their final size.

Orange Pine Cones at Catamount

Can’t wait to see where we get to hike next week!


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