Hike Along The Platte River Near Deckers 2015

Hiking above the Platte River in Deckers Colorado can be a bit adventurous.

Some of the trail is very steep and covered with scree. This made them rather challenging to stay on one’s feet and not go slip sliding down the slope.

I hadn’t brought a hiking pole, but found a lovely hiking stick to use when I started to get nervous about my footing on these sections.

Scree Trail above Platte River

Going down can be a bit scary. I actually scooted on my butt on one section rather than chance sliding down or falling over the edge. But most of them I did standing up.

Scree Trail above Platte River

But we were rewarded with some very beautiful views of the river below.

Web_Web_Deckers-2 River Views_7089_6972

 I love the beauty found in weathered wood. And see many creatures within their forms.

This old stump seemed to invite us to travel on this trail.

Web_Deckers_Invitation Stump_7121

There were lovely wild flowers along the trail.

Flowers on Trail Near Deckers Colorado

Some very dramatic ones.

Flowers Against Tree Bark

FB-Deckers Yarrow Bark_6846

Black-eyed Susan

The Thistles were showing off their many stages of beauty.

Many Stages of a Thistle

I felt very blessed that this Western Tanager gave me just a few seconds to take his picture, before he flew far away.

Platte River Views near Deckers CO 

 I am constantly amazed by the beauty that surrounds us.

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

And what is even more amazing to me is when plants are so very determined to grow in places that one would think impossible.

Trees determined to grow in rocks

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place . . .

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Now I must end this post, though I have many more beautiful images of the river and the plants that were growing here to the delight of our eyes.

FB-Deckers_Star Thistle_7247

Platte River by Deckers Colorado



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