Icy Creek in the Pulpit Rock Valley

I love being around water on hikes, even if it is mostly frozen.

When we decided that the trail we were on in the valley below Pulpit Rock wasn’t going to head back to the parking area, we noticed that there was creek deep in theĀ  valley below where we were walking.

Creek in the Valley near Pulpit Rock

I took some moments to walk a bit slower and follow the path the creek took.

Looking down from above, it brought back some memories of growing up across the street from a lake in Northern Illinois. I loved to go skating on that lake, but I also enjoyed walking along its shore in the winter. It was so peaceful at that time of year, just like this moment in time.

And yet, I have no regrets that I am missing one of the coldest winters that the mid-west and northern and eastern states were experiencing at this moment. Very grateful for my Colorado winters. Snow comes, then the sun comes out and warms us up.

And I got to take a longer walk than planned today in the sunshine. Was just going to the Post Office, but had a call that requested I go to the Commonwheel Gallery and pick up something we needed for tonight’s Board meeting. This saved someone from driving there, and was the perfect excuse to take a longer walk in the brisk sunny air today.

And as an added bonus, ran into a friend who was celebrating her birthday tomorrow by buying herself a pair of Cowboy Boots! Wished her Happy Birthday in person and shared a wonderful hug, then we both went our separate ways with smiles on our faces.

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