Quick Walk with My Greek Friend

The sun was out, after a brief wild windy and snowy weather moment today.

First thing in the morning, I had been taking photos of my masks for my ETSY FantaFaces site on my outdoor photo studio area. I had just gotten everything inside when I heard this howling wind start. I turned around and it was the wildest sight. Branches were twisting and turning and snow was swirling in circles.

Snow on Red Mountain

The mountain across the street from me is Red Mountain. I have hiked partially up it a few times, and made it to the top just once. That is on my list to do again this year. So close to home, yet a bit challenging as it narrows and twists and turns with some very scree filled parts of the trail. Yet it is a beautiful view at the top.

My doorbell rang. And my Greek friend who likes to take me to tea or lunch or go for walks was at the door.

I had so much to do, but the sun was out, and I didn’t want to go sit and have tea, so I suggested we do a short walk up the street. She is always ready to walk, unless too hungry to do that. But she had a snack items that she consumed while I changed into better outdoor pants and shoes.

We took about an hour hike/walk – I am trying to not say hike, unless I am on a trail, but we did go up a bit, but didn’t get on an actual trail.

Just as we got close to my house, the wind started to really blow again and misty snowy clouds covered Red Mountain and big fluffy snowflakes were whirling around us. Perfect timing!

And I did feel my spirits were uplifted and I was ready to tackle all that I needed to do on the computer after this short adventure in the out-of-doors.

This was a much better way to exercise today rather than bouncing on my rebounding by myself indoors!

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