Subtle Colors of Winter Contrasted by White Snowy Landscape

Just enough snow on the trail that went through the Valley Below Pulpit Rock make it an interesting winter scene.

I enjoyed seeing the contrast of white against many other beautiful pieces of nature we encountered on this peaceful trail.

Subdued colors stood out vibrantly against the pure white snow.

I found myself fascinated by the black Yucca pods.

Took a series of photos in an attempt to get some good photos, but I don’t think I quite captured the stark beauty I was seeing when hiking among them.

Yuccas Against the snow near Pulpit Rock Black Yucca Beauty at Pulpit Rock Trail






I was lucky enough to take one of my favorite pictures.

I was really excited when I saw the colorful fire hydrant in this snowy field surrounded by green spiky yuccas with their fascinating black pods and Pulpit Rock prominently in the background.

Fire Hydrant in the wilderness near Pulpit RockFinding a fire hydrant somewhere that one would not expect to see it always adds a bit of fun to a hike.
And here was one in the middle of nowhere.
And a very colorful one at that.

What a magnificent fun photo this fire hydrant allowed me to take.

And I did have luck in getting a photo of a bird in flight, and I am placing him above the yucca field to give more interest.

Bird over Yuccas near Pulpit Rock

Tomorrow planning on taking another hike in the sun.

Haven’t decided where yet, as I need to do one close to Manitou and not too long. Have a busy day and week ahead.┬áThere is once again a promise of the sunniest day of the week, so need to get out and explore a beautiful place on a warm winter day.

Hoping to have a bit more blue sky for my photos, but actually the grey day light makes interesting contrast also.

So what ever the day brings, I will enjoy being out in the natural beauty of Colorado in the winter and count my blessings that I can hike all year round here.






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