Feeling Squirrely as Dark Clouds Moved In

 The day started sunny and sort of warm.

The squirrels were feeling playful in the trees outside my house.

Feeling Squirrely on Ruxton Avenue

And I felt a bit squirrely myself.

Having to deal with my health challenge making appointments made it hard to feel excited about the day.

I wanted to head outside, but couldn’t leave the phone until everyone called me back that I had calls to, including one for the Commonwheel Art Festival.

My neighbor came to ask me about if I would approve of the way she needed to run some drain pipe that would be on my property. Walked over to see the full project. It is huge changes to the buildings next door. And some of the changes will protect the outside wall of my home better. This was the only walking I did today other than in a grocery store. Not very uplifting. But interesting.

The temperature dropped swiftly as the day wore on.

And then clouds moved in and the day turned grey and cold.Weather moving into Manitou Springs

I will be so glad when my taxes are finished and I feel more able to take off whenever I see the sun shining and at least walk to the Post Office.

 And the wind picked up. Not really enticing for going for a walk.

So it was a computer day.

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