Hiked Tonight to a Board Meeting at the MAC

It is a half mile to the Manitou Art Center from my house.

Not really a hike, but a good distance to travel that allowed me some time to think about what my day had revealed to me.

A new health challenge was discovered during my appointment this afternoon at the Women’s Health Clinic. Probably been in my body for awhile, but then I haven’t had a check up in quite some time.

Walking always calms me. And gives me time to reflect on my emotions and what I need to do next. It is also helpful for taking deep breaths and appreciating the beauty in the world that surrounds me.

Passing by the Episcopal Church with the Greek Goddess Hygia atop the Town Clock and a Solar Sculpture all within sight of each other makes for an interesting picture of the mix of people in our town. The Manitou Springs Art Council, which I am on the Board of, is the catalyst to getting sculptures on Manitou Avenue. At night light travels around it lower coil and is just one of the more fun sculptures on the Aveneu that I walked past on my way to the MAC.

Determination Columbine Style in Manitou SpringsHygia is Health, the divinity whose force fosters agreement among contrary qualities inside the body where it ought to flourish, and removes it from where it should not be. She is currently known, not as a deity or intelligent force, but as a passive bodily condition (to be acted upon or be left alone) opposite to that caused by disease; this condition, though regarded as a purely physical phenomenon, is nevertheless revered as a deity: “A people gets the gods which it deserves.” (Cecil M. Bowra).

I could use a bit of help from Hygia right now. Or maybe should be looking towards Apollo. Though I am going to do a MAP coning tonight that was planned before my visit the the Women’s Clinic revealed a new health challenge.

Hygia is the daughter of Asclepius, the god that attends the ailments of each man or woman. Both are very important regarding health, yet the god of healing remains Apollo, who is Asclepius’ father and represents purity itself. For sickness (it has been conjectured) is a form of pollution, whose secret paths must first be discovered through the obscure words of the god of oracles, son of Zeus: “Loxias (Apollo, the Oblique) is the spokesman of Zeus, his father.” (The Pythian priestess. Aeschylus. Eumenides 19).

I carry with me very positive energy and cannot understand why I am being challenged again. But I am . . .

Walking to and from my meeting tonight gave me time to reflect on what I need to do, and get back my positive outlook on life. Plus, remember that I just need to go forward, doing what I can by taking the next step suggested to learn the path I will be traveling in regards to my health.

I am determined to keep my positive outlook on life and enjoy the beauty around me always.

But it does bring up some thoughts about what do I really want to be doing with my life right now? Is there something I need to change to be more attuned to what I want to share with others. How can I use my passion for hiking and sharing photos in a way that is most beneficial for myself and others. It is really time to get more focused on finishing a couple of my books that I have started before the flooding last year. Just need to clear the time by finishing up some projects that I am immersed in now, so I can focus back on writing.

This yellow Columbine exhibits the type of determination it sometimes takes to handle life’s challenges.

Solar Sculpture & Episcopal Church in Manitou Springs

 I am plan on to blooming and thriving as long as I can walk this Earth.

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