Took Two Mini-Hikes Today in Manitou Springs

Actually I took 3 Walks or mini-hikes that all related to being near Manitou Springs Fountain Creek.

One was along Fountain Creek at The Fields Park and the other took me to the other end of Fountain Creek in Manitou Springs.

I had a meeting at The Fields Park with a Manitou Springs City Official.

I had wanted to go early enough to walk the Creek Walk and see why so many people do that.

But the phone rang as I was preparing to leave and Commonwheel’s president had some things to talk with me about relating to marketing. And when I arrived at the park, two other park workers were there, but the person I needed to talk to hadn’t arrived. It turned out he was stuck in a meeting with FEMA and many other Manitou Springs government members. This made me hope he might have some more answers about mitigation and the dredging of the creek when we do meet.

I discussed the electrical needs if the Commonwheel Art Festival was to have the music and the food in one area, rather than at different ends of the park. I made it clear that after Commonwheel had spent about $2,000 ten years ago to get better electrical service in the park the Festival had been held in for all of the years past, I didn’t want to have to deal with blown circuits here. Food vendors with customers in line get very upset when they can’t cook. And no one likes it when the music stops playing . . .

The Fields Fountain Creek Walk in Manitou SpringsThis is the area where the stage would be looking away from the road and into the park. The tree area is where the food vendors set up.

I really didn’t want to discuss the concept of adding a beer garden with anyone but the head of the department, so when we learned he couldn’t be there, just discussed the water and electric needs.

I had already walked up and down the park at least two times, getting a feel for how to set up the booths and make the stage area switch work well.

But it was such a glorious afternoon that I decided to take a short Creek Walk, mini-hike up and down the easily accessible area to get a feel for that urban trail.

This was one of three mini-hikes I took today relating to Fountain Creek.

14-02-26_Creek Walk Fields_1525-17

 I quickly understood why so many people are drawn to walk here.

The sound of the water and the trees even in winter time made it a very peaceful and beautiful space.

Tree Grove along Fountain Creek Walk in Manitou SpringsSome of the trees were growing in lovely groves that, without leaves, made a lovely puzzling pattern together.

Fun to see from different angles.

And the one trunk looked as if he was holding up the ones behind him or maybe leading them on a journey.

Do you see him?

I hung out with some of huge cottonwoods, leaning on them, and actually laying on one, which gave me this incredible view.

Beauty above The Fields Fountain Creek Walk in Manitou Springs

The sun was shining on the branches in such a way they seemed to be illuminated and glowing. Listening to the water running in the creek and looking up through these glowing branches reaching for the sky uplifted my spirit.

It was hard to get myself moving again.

But I did.

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