Trail Builders in the Garden of the Gods and Life

I have the utmost respect for all the people who build hiking trails.

I often wonder, how do they determine where a trail should be?

I am sure many were deer trails that became rough hiking trails that many people began to enjoy and then became established hiking trails.

Sometimes there is little choice, as it needs to be on the edge of a rising hill and the valley as seen below.

View of Trail in Garden of Gods

Yet the determination to carve out a trail from the rocks and sloping areas is very much to be admired.

(Oh Look! There is a pointy nose rock spirit rising above this trail. I bet he is grateful for those who wander by and enjoy his beautiful territory. Do you see him? Can you feel the joy he is expressing?)

And those of us that get to hike on them need to send gratitude out to those hard working souls that created the paths we are walking upon.

Red Rocky Trail in the Garden of the Gods

I often stop and stand in wonder at how blessed I am to experience such beautiful hikes because others felt it in their hearts it was important to build trails in many wilderness areas and state parks.

I am someone who does take off on deer trails sometimes, just to see where they go, and to get really deep into a wilderness area.

I have been very fortunate to have never gotten lost, or fallen on one of these off the beaten path excursions.

I am sure I will do that again in the coming year.

Whether I can get my hiking partner to join in the adventure, I am not sure.

And I saw a couple of deer paths recently that I would love to explore. Both looked very well traveled, so not really afraid of trampling any terrain that is in need of restoration.

I always have a whistle and my cell phone with me when hiking. Plus extra food and lots of water.

I rarely head off on a hiking adventure unprepared.

But I do often go off without telling anyone where I am going, as I often don’t know myself until I am hiking somewhere.

There are trails I get to by car or just walk out my door and head towards one of the many trails within walking distance of my home.

I have to admit, I will often drive to one of those trails, as it can be quite a hike just to get to the trail head from my door which then limits how much energy I have for hiking on the actual trail.

I have a hard time ending a hike. I always want to see what is just around the next bend in the trail, or over the rise.

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