Cedar Trees Growing in the Garden of the Gods

The Ancient Cedar Trees in the Garden of the Gods have weathered many storms.

Looking at these ancient beauties always gives me faith that however twisted life sometimes appears, something beautiful can come from it.

Seeing how they still have green growing sections and other areas that look so very dead, yet beautiful, inspires me to let the past be the past, and grow into the future and allow the knowledge that I wouldn’t be here, without those experiences.

Ancient Cedars Still Alive & Growing

They have survived and grown through the years.

How many years have they lived is a mystery to me.

I just know they are very, very old.

They combine a twisted beauty of their no longer green trunks and limbs, with the bright green branches expressing that they are still very much alive.

Throughout the Garden of the Gods, one will have a surprising view of an Ancient Cedar tree or branch framing one of the many rock formations or the majestic Pikes Peak in the distance.

Ancient Cedar over Pikes Peak in Garden of the Gods

The beauty of the grains in the wood and the many colors each branch exhibits sometimes takes my breath away.

I find myself standing in awe at their artistic lines that no painter or photo can ever truly capture.

I can sense that each one has its own spirit dwelling within.

And I often pause and place my hands upon their weathered limbs and give thanks for them inspiring me to keep moving forward no matter what challenges I encounter.

So often I can almost feel them reaching towards the sky and giving thanks for the life they have lived.

Ancient Cedar Reachs for Sky

Taking a hike in this nearby place filled with so many different inspirational views and trees always reminds me to keep reaching for the sky to attain my goal of living life fully and well.

There are a couple of other hikes I plan on taking in the Garden of the Gods that will take me into some other areas that these Ancient Cedars are growing in a denser area.

I am curious how one of my favorite secret trails survived the storms and flooding in 2013.

And how many of my old friends are still standing or laying where I hiked among them many times in years past.

Will have to take that hike before the threat of Spring rains to be safe.



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