Slippery Trail at Pulpit Rock

We had come up one way that was pretty steep, but my hiking partner started down a different way.

And when I looked down, realized how steep it was!

We were not in a hurry.

I took my time and stopped many times to breathe.

My left leg is not as strong as my right leg, and not as secure when hiking on steep, and slippery slopes. But that has never stopped me from hiking any where yet.

And of course I stopped for photographs just to keep my mind on other thoughts than how treacherous a trail we were on today.

And again, the temperature of the day had kept the trail from becoming slushy or icy, just the right amount of traction was available, and I am sure the YakTraks helped me to not slip in some of the most challenging areas.

It was interesting that we found ourselves turning around and sideways, or even stepping backwards, so our balance point was different from most approaches we normally took to hiking down a trail.

Snowy Decent from Pulpit Rock Summit

And then looking down to where we were going next, it sort of took my breath away.

And it just kept looking this slippery and steep for quite some time . . .

Snowy Path Before me on Pulpit Rock

But looking back up from where I came down from encouraged me to keep moving forward.

And that is an approach I use with my life often.

Looking at what I had already done and survived makes it easier to face any challenge I find myself in currently.

I always feel stronger and more confident with myself after “surviving” a challenging hike.

And this one was no exception.

In fact, it really restored my Faith in my Ability to do anything I set my mind upon achieving.


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