Rock Faces at Pulpit Rock

As mentioned before, I always see creatures and faces in the rocks or driftwood when hiking.

This hike was no exception to that.

I stood and stared at this series of faces for quite some time. From many angles I saw more and more faces.

Mostly happy ones. Some silly ones. A Bird Beak with a wary eye above.

And they all made me smile.

Many Faces on the Pulpit Rock Summit

How many faces and creatures do you see here?

In the below image, I can see a Snake head resting on a rock, not noticing the bird huddled under its wing in the background. Maybe the snake wasn’t hungry . . .

Snake and Huddle Bird at Pulpit Rock

This one made me think of someone wearing a scarf with their eyes and nose just peaking out a bit to protect from the cold.

Scarf covered Face at Pulpit Rock

I was very happy to not be as cold as that rock person looked.
Even though the sun wasn’t shining and it was a very grey day, the temperature was surprisingly pleasant for this hike.
And not so warm that the snow was slushy, just right for hiking on a winter day.

The image that lifted my Spirits the most was this rock formation that brought to mind a plump person have a good Belly Laugh.
I laughed out loud when I saw it.

A good belly laugh on Pulpit Rock Trail

Laughter is very healing and I hope this at least makes you smile.

What better way to spend a lifetime, laughing at the world that surrounds you?

I always know that if I can laugh at a challenging situation or time, I will be just fine.

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