Blue Sky, Birds and Clouds Helped Get My Spirits Soaring

Birds and Clouds Floating Across a Blue, Blue Sky Chase the Blues Away.

This hike started with a bird cooperating with me for a photograph. Posed in a tree, then flew towards me on my next click of the camera.

Bird at Crystal Valley Cemetery in Manitou Springs

All day long other birds were seen, but I just couldn’t capture them. Still a challenge when the sun is shining brightly to see where I am aiming the camera. Plus, hard to take a photo of birds in flight no matter how well you can see them not looking through a camera’s eye. I’ll get better at predicting where and when to shoot them as time goes on.

Some of the clouds that floated playfully in the blue sky looked similar to the ones I had seen on a Red Rocks Canyon Trail a few years ago.

But none formed as dramatic or had quite that unusual look that those had.

Airy Fairy Clouds on Intermann Trail

Still, fun to see and have the memory of those other fantastic clouds brought back to mind.

And with Pikes Peak rising above the hills with snow on its Peak, what a perfect sight to behold on this trail.02-13-14_Clouds Similar_0956As I watched these clouds float by, I could see fairies and other whimsical creatures conversing and playing in the air above me.

What a joyful time they seemed to be having.

How could one not feel uplifted and want to join in the fun?

Clouds Crawling across the sky on Intermann Trail

And then there was the family of wormy clouds that gleefully raced in front of us when the winds picked up and blew them quickly past us at the beginning of the trail.

Made us wonder how windy this hike would be. As quickly as it began to blow hard, the wind calmed down.

And a couple of times, as we would round a bend and get to a high point, we would almost be knocked backwards, but just for a moment. Then it calmed and there was barely a breeze at all.

Mother Nature was having fun with us and the clouds in the air above this section of the Paul Intermann Trail that winter day.


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