Winter Hike in the Denver Botanical Gardens

Such a different look the Denver Botanical Gardens has in Winter.

The only other time I have been to Denver’s Botanical Gardens was when Henry Moore sculptures were placed around the Gardens. And it was a bit more green.

But really enjoyed walking around seeing how the plants were wintering. Some of the paths were a bit muddy, but not too bad.

Then there is this incredible artistic path in the Japanese Garden area.

Japanese stone path at Denver Botanical Gardens

Some of the water areas were totally drained, others were totally or partially frozen.

Only a few geese were seen in the park, but we saw many fly over head as we drove to the park.

Goose on Icy Pond at Denver Botanical Gardens

Then there was this sweet little creek with running water rippling under the bridge on it way to a pond.

Winter Creek at Denver Botanical Gardens

There are many different environments to be experienced and that we got to walk through today.

We started outside as it was a beautiful sunny day. We had only light jackets on to start and on this part of the hike. After we came out of the interior exhibits where we had removed removed them because it was very warm inside, we didn’t need to put them back on to finish another bit of hiking around the central gardens.

This was a “free admission day” and many families took advantage of the warm weather, the orchid exhibit and the President’s Day holiday to bring their families to this lovely winter garden experience.

Families on the hills at Denver Botanical Gardens

What a contrast to winter in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

Just one of the reasons I love Colorado.

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