A New Camera Arrives

I had a gift certificate that hadn’t been totally used up on Amazon, so I ordered a NEW CAMERA!

And it arrived today!

A bit heavier than my current one, but lighter than the one two cameras back.

It has some fun features that neither of my other ones had.

Such as being able to easily shoot in Sepia or Black and White. Or bright colors like film.

And a much better Macro function. 
I really am looking forward to trying that on items from my parents estate for my Etsy Store.

But even more exciting is the idea that one can continuously shoot a series of photos.

I had tried to capture some birds on this hike, and amazingly, I did get a couple of shots of them.

01-02-14_Bird&Cloud2_8810And the cloud behind this one looks like a diving bird to me.

Can you see that too?

 But the time between shots when they flew from tree to tree, the camera was waiting a couple of seconds before I could shoot again, so I missed many other shots.

And the zoom on the new camera is much better, which is why it is heavier.
So curious how much more detailed photos of images farther away from me will come out.

01-02-14_Bird In Branches_8821

This bird was hiding from me until I saw him when using the full photo in a different blog post . . .

Each time I get a new camera, I am always thrilled with its new features, and can hardly wait to try this one out tomorrow.

New Camera and a Hiking Trail I have never been on before has me very EXCITED for the Adventure!

Tomorrow is predicted to be the sunniest day of the week, so am headed out on errands and a hike to get me back into the spirit of work for the rest of the week.

This was the only other bird picture on this hike that you can actually tell there was a bird in it . . .

01-02-14_Bird Tail_8811

Nice tail shot?

And a lovely contrail behind from a big silver bird.

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