The Day After Manitou Springs Carnivale 2014

I hiked Manitou Springs for Many Miles on Carnivale Day.

Totally different type of hiking than most people do. I hiked to Manitou Springs Memorial Park, then back up to Soda Springs Park, taking photos of the parade in three different locations. Then hiked back to go dancing at the Townhouse and the Keg. Down to Swirl for Gumbo, up to Commonwheel for a “pit stop” and get warmed up. Then finished dancing at the Townhouse and hurried back home in the early evening cold.

First though, I want to go back to Friday, when I suddenly decided I wanted to go dancing at Stargazers to Tribe. They usually play at the Townhouse on Carnivale afternoon, but I learned they wouldn’t be there this year. So glad I went to Stargazers to dance to one of my favorite bands. I had planned on leaving after the first set was over, but that didn’t happen. Was just having too much fun. Dancing with alone, in small groups, even one with the Count, and couple with another Deja Vu gentleman. Talked to some interesting women too.

But my heart was broken when I ran into the gentleman that is part of the Transition Town folks that I have been trying to flirt with this last year. He was with a date! Dang! Well, he is younger than me, so guess need to just let it go and continue as friends.

Friday had been sunny and 50 degree warm weather. We were all hoping for Saturday’s weather to be nice for Carnivale. But, alas, when I awoke it was very grey and snow was lightly falling.

And it was COLD! No, it was freezing!

I dressed as warm as I could and still be in a glittery “costume” and wore a mask on the back of my head. I couldn’t figure out gloves that would keep my fingers warm and let me take pictures easily. My fingers got very cold, but did get about 500 photos taken. Some much better than others.

Carnivale's King & Queen 2014

As I walked to the park where the parade is staged, I ran into Royalty. These were the lucky souls to be King and Queen for the 2014 Carnivale Parade. I asked them if they had ordered this weather? The laughed and said something about the Wizard not being in control of the weather as they had requested sunshine, not snow.

 The Balloon arch that was being created at the park was a sharp contrast against the grey sky and tells the story of colorful energy being exhibited despite the snow.

Carnivale Balloon Arch Manitou Springs

At first when I arrived at the park, which is a half mile from my home, there was no one there except a couple blowing up the balloons, Jack who coordinates this event and a few other people.

So I went over to the MAC to stay warm until people began to show up.

Soon, I noticed some folks were showing up. So I went out and started taking pictures.

Here the balloon arch is completed and marks the place for people to gather behind it in wild and crazy colorful costumes to get in line to march in the parade.

Lining up for Carnivale Parade in Snowy Manitou Springs

This is truly a fun town event. Mayor Mark Snyder is to the left of the Carnivale letter “C” wearing one of my FantaFaces masks.

It takes eight people to carry the Carnivale Letters and a couple more to take charge of the balloon arch. They are often recruited at the last minute.

Somehow folks do show up and the starting pieces of the parade come together.




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