Stark Beauty Against a Blue Sky in the Garden of the Gods

White branches and a very blue sky make for a beautiful sight on a winter day.

Sunlight on Stark White Branches Against a Blue Sky

I especially like the way the sunlight intensifies the tiny ends of the branches to make them look like they are reaching for something.

Or just expressing joy of feeling its warmth.

In the winter and I find bare branches exceptionally beautiful when silhouetted against a very blue sky like the one on this day.

But add a touch of green and it almost feels magical.


I find myself wanting to sit still and listen to what the Tree Spirits are whispering about on this unusually warm winter day.

Do they feel the storm coming?

Are they just happy to be alive?

I know getting out in nature makes me feel more alive.

And before I leave this hike, I have to share the hidden very blue bird captured behind these naked branches.

Blue Bird hiding in the Garden of the Gods

Can you find the him?

I snapped many pictures of him and his friend, but this was the only one that I could actually find the bird among the branches.

It snowed all day yesterday and into the night.

This was the sight that greeted me out my office door this morning.

Winter out my Front door in Manitou Springs

The sky was very blue and it was almost warm when I shoveled snow of the public sidewalk in front of my house.

Then came back in to work on computers all day.

This will be a test of my commitment to taking a hike mid-week for 52 weeks.

Though I have to confess, I took a hike on Sunday, so may count that as this week’s hike.

Or a hike walk to City Hall and Commonwheel are a necessity tomorrow, so maybe I can find a detour and add some distance for an in town hike.

Depends on the temperature at midday . . .


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