Spaceship Cloud and a Bird

Cloudy sky had some really beautiful cloud formations today.

Most were around the sun, not a good way to shoot photos.

Though I may have to find some of the cloud photos I took on a different hike a couple of years ago in this park that were really intriguing.

But I did keep looking up and there were many birds flying just out of range and then there was this spaceship looking cloud.

Spaceship Cloud at Red Rocks

And you can almost make out the bird that was flying up there too.

The tree in the foreground made me really like this view of the cloud.

Some of the other photos were more boring, still hadn’t gotten the hang of not having a viewfinder to help me frame a photo as I think I see it.

The only other creature we saw on the trail that day was a dog that reminded me so very much of Rio who belonged to a hiking buddy that has moved away to Carolina.

A young Rio dog at Red Rocks Canyon

He was very cute and posed nicely for me just once.

He was pretty young and his owner was happy to let me take his photo.

There are so many cute and friendly dogs on this trail, just wish the owners were more respectful about picking up the poop that is very prevalent and sometimes very stinky in the summer time.

One does have to keep their eyes peeled for this on any trail, but this is an urban train and seems to have more than its share of droppings along the way.

Though, Garden of the Gods trails are filled with horse droppings, so one does get good at watching where one steps, not just to be sure you are on solid footing, but missing all the slippery stuff also.



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