Signs of Spring in Ute Valley Park

There were many signs of Spring along the trails in Ute Valley Park.

Some more noticeable than others.

Cactus & Purple Flowers in Ute Valley Park

There were many of these purple flowers and the prickly pear cactus were greening up along some sections of the trail. Ah, cactus are every where we hike. Gotta be careful when stepping off the trail to take a photograph. Always need to be looking down as I try to get myself situated for a good angle. Learned that lesson years ago . . .

At one point on the trail a series of birds posed for me in naked tree branches.

Birds in Ute Valley Park

When birds actually hang out and let me take their pictures I pay attention. And of course, many of the photos are of their backs or an empty branch as they fly off just as I push the button to photograph them. But this time I did get quite a few nice images with some great sky backgrounds.

Birds at Ute Valley Park

Luckily my hiking partner just hangs out or walks ahead when I get into a long bird or any other type of “photo” session. I often take a long shot when I spot a bird, as sometimes when trying to zoom in on these winged creatures, they take off before I can get them in my viewfinder again. But on this hike, many of them just sat on their branches patiently waiting for me to take their picture.

Clouds & Boulders at Ute Valley Park

Because I also get into taking pictures of clouds and rock formations . I can get myself off the trail a bit sometimes when trying to get just the right angle to capture the beauty I find in Nature that I am not sure everyone else sees.

As we came to the end of the hike, we found a small stream that had lots of grass greening up around it. We slowed down to enjoy the reflections in the water and the signs of Spring that were different here than on the upper parts of this trail

Creek & Willow at Ute Valley Park

There was a paw print that did not look like a dog to us.

Nests were in many trees.

And the Willows were turning red. 

Water Bug, Paw Print & Nest at Ute Valley Park

And there were water bugs dancing in the stream

A sign that Spring was beginning to be felt by all the living creatures in the area.

 As we were getting back to the parking lot, my hiking partner spotted a solar panel on the hillside across from us.

Solar Panes by Ute Valley Park

Seeing alternative energy being used is always a happy moment for both of us. So seeing this was the perfect way to end our hike.


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