Siamese Twin Trail in the Garden of the Gods

When we found ourselves back at the Spring Canyon Parking lot, we still wanted to spend more time hiking.

So we headed up the Siamese Twin trail in the Garden of the Gods.

I usually hike up from the Northern part of the trail, but since we were at the Southern end, we just started hiking there. And it gives a very different view of the Siamese Twins.

Siamese Twins at the Garden of the Gods

I have seen this view before as I have hiked from another trail that leads to this area. But this is a very quick trail to take visitors on to get views of Pikes Peak and great rock formations.

Siamese Twins at Garden of the Gods

And I really saw the big bird rock formation just past the Siamese Twins from this direction and with the very grey sky, he was more obvious than usual.

The sky kept teasing us with glimpses of blue sky, but when we reached the Siamese Twins, when looking through the “keyhole” it was grey.

Keyhole View of Pikes Peak

Taking a picture of Pikes Peak through this hole between the “Sisters” is probably the most seen photo of all in the Garden of the Gods. I took one, but with just a different angle because it was there. And people love to pose in front of it. It can be a very dramatic photograph to take home and share with friends at home.

Kissing Rocks in the Garden of the Gods

Along both the trails we hiked that day we found “kissing rocks” very sweet and made us smile.

Even rocks need love. I am always grateful when I see these types of images on my hikes.

These formations always puts a smile in my heart and on my face.

On the way down, we saw a rock formation that also reminded me of Jabba the Hutt.

Another Jabba the Hutt at the Garden of the Gods

Just a little different form, but there he was staring down on us as we passed by. Very glad he was frozen in time and rock and couldn’t really impose his will upon us in any way.

There were many signs of spring on this trail. But the one that was the most dramatic was the one that reminded us of the potential for flooding that could be visiting our area.

Signs of Spring at the Garden of the Gods

Many of these machines were seen along 30th Street and all around Manitou Springs clearing out debris, widening creek beds and creating retention ponds to slow the flow of water that could come off the very hydrophobic soil created by the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012.

Earlier in the day, I was lucky enough to catch this bird landing in a tree. He did give us a little song, but took off quickly in search of what ever birds look for when flying around the Garden of the Gods.

Bird Landing on tree in Garden of the Gods

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