Rocky Gateway Embedded with Sparkling Stones

Trying to recapture the feeling of peace found yesterday.

Looking around my home at all the crystals that abide here, brought back the thoughts of sparking stoned embedded in the red boulders along the Crystal Valley Cemetery section of the Intermann Trail.

I brought home a couple that were loose on the trail to add to my rock garden. What’s a little more weight in the pack when one can enjoy the memory of a hike for many days into the future?

The sunlight really brings out the sparkle and colors captured in these stones.

Crystaline stones embedded in boulders on Interman Trail

OK, I see a stony fish emerging from the rock at the far right.

Do you see him?

Guess my imagination is still open to seeing beyond reality.

This Valentine’s Day has not been an easy one for me.

During the Full Moon Transmission with Aine, tears welled up. It is the 29th Gateway of YES.

I have said “yes” too many times in the past to situations that were not always in my best interest.

Thankfully, yesterday I said “yes” to experiencing a the pull from the unknown for a few moments of spirit renewing energy.

Walking up to this gateway of two huge rocks along the trail yesterday, I was pulled into stopping here.

Gateway to change on the Crystal Valley Cemetery Trail

I leaned against the dark rock on the right.

I felt a very deep connection and just sank into allowing it to support me fully.

I felt the passing of ancient spirits, older than just the Indians that I know lived here in the not too distant past. Some energy from a civilization thousands of years ago.

Or maybe alien beings who visited before human life began.

Perhaps it was just my guardian angels surrounding me in healing energy to hold onto over the next few days.

No matter whose spirit was infusing me with peaceful thoughts, I was filled with gratitude for their presence as I looked up into the blue, blue sky.

And the sky was so beautifully blue. Just made the day even more special.

I am looking to regain the feelings of peace I found there.

Looking up at blue sky on Intermann Trail

 So tonight, I am reaching into my memory for that sense of peace and loving energy I felt then.

May go take a full moon walk for a short distance up my street, to get some moon glow energy to help me sleep tonight.

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