Rocky Faces in Red Rock Canyon

Rocks everywhere create images in my minds eyes.

On this hike, not so many, but a few stared down upon us or looked upon things only they could see.

My hiking companion was sure she saw a bird on the rocks above us.

What I saw through the lens of the camera was a series of rock people admiring a small tree growing tall and proud at the top of this rocky ridge.

Rock Faces in Red Rocks Canyon

And then there were all the rock creatures hanging out below.

How many do you see?

There was some really interesting stark winter beauty along this trail.

This rock with the face of a hawk and curved tree made an interesting grouping

Hawk Rock & Tree in Red Rocks Canyon

Here the soft gentle beauty of nature contrasts, and yet compliments, the sharply sculpted rock high on the ridge.

They both beautifully reflect surviving through many seasons of storms and sun, but in totally different ways.

One would have to bend and sway and search for water and sustenance to grow and survive the many types of weather it has encountered. Just as we humans must learn to survive the many challenges we encounter in our lives.

The other just stands strong and allows all the weather to melt off it without changing much, nor being touched deeply by all it has seen over the thousands of years it has surveyed the world around it.

When we were climbing this hill, this tree naked of leaves in the golden grass with the flat cloud behind it spoke of an scene that Andrew Wyeth might have painted.

Stark Winter Beauty in Red Rocks Canyon

Too bad I didn’t capture more of the golden grassy field. But that is still part of my learning curve with this camera and not having a view finder . . .

My Dad had loved the painting called Christina’s World which always seemed a bit sad to me.

Walking through this golden grassy field made think of him and that painting that hung in his office. Suddenly I felt a wave of his loving energy surround me. Had to stop and reflect on all the good times we had. I sure miss him and our walks together. Grateful for his love and all the time we did spend together.


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