Rocky Faces Among the Scent of Oak Leaves

Scrub Oak Thickly Grew Along Some of the Trails.

There were places along in Cheyenne Mountain Park that Scrub Oak was a dominant factor of how it looked.

In some areas, the leaves were still hanging onto the branches.

And in others the ground was covered with gorgeous variations of browns.

Scrub Oak in Cheyenne Mtn State Park

As I was walking by this pile of leaves, the scent of oak was almost overpowering. It stopped me in my tracks.

I called to my hiking partner to come join me in breathing in this wonderful scent of nature on this wintery day.

Some of the big rocks along the trails had a sense of reaching or looking up at the sky.

They were content with the grey days, as they had weathered many in their time on Earth.

Yet I could feel their spirits looking towards the sky for a glimpse of blue or the sun to warm them before nightfall.

Rocky Creatures in Cheyenne Mountain State Park

One has the feeling of snail slowly moving across the landscape, the other is fat and jolly.

How I enjoy finding images in rocks.

Some days I think about how I wish I could paint using them as a template so I could highlight the eyes and other features I see to help more people see them.

This Grumpy Faced Rock below reflects my mood right now.

Though looking at the Scrub Oak leaves he is surrounded by brings back that wonderful smell into my brain, which is helping me get back into a more positive feeling.

Grumpy Rock Face in Cheyenne Mtn State Park

Today’s post is a bit short as I am challenged by a health issue. Not at the top of my writing now.

Has me once again concerned about how I will get in a hike this week, but something will work out I am sure.

 Ready to get some sleep and hope to wake feeling much better in the morning.

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