Rock Images in the Garden of the Gods

I always find hidden messages and creatures in rock formations.

The Garden of the Gods has many rock formations that are named.

I don’t think I have ever actually connected their names to them EXCEPT the Kissing Camels.

01-21-14_Connect Camel Hump 72_GofG_0348

And in this photo, I just couldn’t resist reconnecting the camel who lost his hump many years ago to his hump.

Ah, the joys of PhotoShop.

The sky was so very blue. Colorado Blue skies are just the best. Especially in the winter.

Makes my Heart and Soul Sing a Joy Songs.

My hiking partner saw a shark in this distant rock formation.

01-21-14_Dinosaur Shark_GofG_0355


 And when I was cropping it, I saw a dinosaur to the left.

Are they kissing or fighting?

What do you see?

There were a few rock formations, and the ancient Cedar in the last post that made me see them as being in poses of CELEBRATION.

I can feel a Female essence emanating from within this rock formation as she dances joyfully in the Garden of the Gods.

01-21-14_Celebrate Sun_GofG_0359

And she was seen with Pikes Peak behind her in an earlier post.

Standing below her just makes me feel vibrantly alive!

The spirits within these rock formations celebrate the beauty that surrounds them and I can feel their joy hiking past them.

This huge male rock formation is expressing gratitude for the sun warming his back on this beautiful winter day.

01-21-14_Celebrate Sun_GofG_0298

And the smaller formations behind him are the chorus that raise their silent voices in celebration on this sunny day.

So glad I got out and hiked among them to help remind me of the JOY found in nature so very close to my home!


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