Rock Formations on Hogback Trail in Red Rocks Canyon

I am always fascinated by the different colors of rocks that are found on my hikes.

The Hogback Trail in Red Rocks Canyon starts with tan or slightly yellowish and rust colored rocks.

Light colored rock formation in Red Rocks Canyon

Then one looks into the lower trails of Red Rock Canyon on the connecting Lions Trail and can see the Red Rocks that gave this park its name.

01-15-13_Red Rocks Below Lions_RedR_0263

These red rock formations are also found in the Garden of the Gods that can be seen in the distance.


Both of these parks were formed when sections of a fault of red rocks that erupts in different areas all along the front range in Colorado came to the surface in this area.

Our community is so very blessed in that many people have worked hard to preserve these areas for hikers, trail bikers and horse riders can enjoy them now, and forever.

When I stand on an upper trail and can view the incredible beauty that is so close to my home and I get to walk through many times each year, I always feel filled with wonder and my spirits are uplifted by the beauty surrounding me.

I swear if tomorrow is as beautiful weather as it was today, I will get out and walk, not just have lunch on my wonderfully sunny porch. Especially since I realized earlier today that the Post Office will be closed for Martin Luther King Day, and that will give me an extra day to finish my Sales Tax Report that is due on the 20th.

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