Rock Formations In the Garden of The Gods

Garden of the Gods is part of a long formation of red rocks that span the state of Colorado north to south.

At different points in Colorado, they emerge from below the ground to create magnificent areas of beauty.

We have another section nearby called Red Rocks Canyon that I will hike in later this year.

I always see faces and creatures in the rocks. At different times of day and year, the light plays in ways that bring out different characteristics.

When I see a face or creature, it always brings a smile to my face.

It is interesting that different people looking at the same rock formations can see something totally different, or sometimes look at me with a puzzled look, wonder if I am right in my head, as they see nothing but red rocks rising from the earth.

Garden of the Gods with Burn behind

I see a pair of dancers and other faces watching them in this image.
What do you see? Maybe a Dough Boy image? A Grouchy face? A resting bird?

More than that, in the distance, there is a view of the burned trees from the Waldo Canyon Fire that occurred the summer of 2012.

How blessed was the Garden of the Gods that the wind took a turn away from this very sacred region.

Firefighters from all over had come to fight this fire. One of their major goals was to keep the fire out of this natural wonder. Still, the wind could have made it much more difficult for them, as it did for the subdivision just on the other side of the Garden of the Gods.

Looking out at this view of the park, I am always renewed by the beauty of nature.

And as the tree in the picture below that is growing out of a rock formation, we all need to find what we need to keep on growing no matter what life hands us.


This tree is so very beautiful, it makes my heart sing whenever I visit it.

It reminds me of the perfect Christmas Tree, bringing into my heart the true spirit of Christmas all year round.

When standing in front of this tree, I remind myself that any challenge I am faced with can be overcome.

Just as this tree has roots that seek out the sustenance it needs to survive, there are always solutions to be found by digging deep inside to find a way to grow and thrive beautifully.

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