My How Time Flies By In The Summertime

I am very far behind on postings about hiking, and getting out and hiking.

I took a trip the end of June to Young Living Essential Oils Convention in Salt Lake City, then came back and awoke the next morning very feverish and have been working my way back to health, with a little detour caused by some Manitou Springs Council members who did not help me heal with their strange attitude about something I learned the second day I was so very ill.

And my hiking buddy is about to take a trip for a couple of weeks just as I am getting back to health.

Though not in the best of mental health currently.

So where does that leave me?

I really need some healing time out in Nature to get back into the groove of myself again.

I think I will do a couple of catch up posts tonight and go forward as best I can this upcoming week.

Hummingbirds on feeding at the porch feeder and other birds in the yard have helped with my healing and uplifting my spirits.

It is rare that they will share the feeder, but here they are.

Hummingbirds sharing a Feeder in Manitou Springs

And then there are the playful squirrels.

I have seen a couple of very young black squirrels having a great time in the trees on the property. This little cutie found something in the compost pile to interest him and hung out above it for quite some time without any other squirrels coming to investigate.

Black Squirrel in Manitou Springs

And of course the half blind buddy that is very insistent that he needs to get his sunflower seeds whenever I come out to enjoy the front porch at least once a day. He is the only one we feed on purpose and he is very demanding. Yet brings a smile to our face when every we see him.

Half-Blind Squirrel in Manitou Springs

So glad I live where I do and can see these beautiful creatures on a daily basis in the summer.

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