Made Made Items Along Cheyenne Mountain State Park Trails

Fences, Barbed Wire and a Huge Tire Created Points of Interest Along These Trails

I have rarely photographed barb wire, but last summer, I was intrigued by the colors and twisted forms I saw along a trail.

And when I saw these twisted pieces of barbed wire next to this colorful fence post, I just had to capture it.

Barbed Wire Fence Post Cheyenned Canyon State Park

I wondered how it got so twisted up.

The large circular piece was more the usual way wire was twisted in other places I have seen fences end.

Must have taken a bit of effort, as this stuff is hard to handle and bend in a tight coil.

I am sure it has been there for many years.

The color of the wire was unusual also.

The fence posts ended at this point. But could be seen going towards the mountain for quite a distance.

Questions arose as I looked at this bit of fence.

         Who worked this ranch? Guessed that it was most likely a cattle ranch.

So much history that is unwritten for our area.

Which side of the fence was the ranch?

Probably on the South side, as there was a smaller fenced area where our hike began.

Cattle Fence at the start of Cheyenne Canyon State Park

At the beginning of the trail there was small fenced area that had fallen into ruin.

It looked like and area cattle would have been gathered to brand them and/or bring them in for the winter or to take to slaughter.

A view from above of the fenced area gave a hint at its true size. And was a clue that the ranch was most likely on the South side of the fence with the barbed wire.

We started our hike with a bit of blue sky that then shifted to grey and at times back to blue again.

Colorado weather is always intriguing and often can change from comfortable to challenging at any time.

The other oddity that was also on the south side of the barbed wire fence was a huge tire.


It had a purpose at one time of collecting for cattle to drink from. I have seen tires like this in other wilderness areas. Some had many hoof prints surrounding them and others had deer tracks leading to them.

So both wild and domestic animals had found them to quench their thirst.

Just such and odd thing to see along side a trail in the wilderness.

Ever so grateful for the people with the foresight to create this park from a cattle ranch, rather than allowing it to become a development where only a few people could enjoy the wilderness it preserves.

There are campgrounds and picnic areas available for people to getaway from the city in their own “backyard” without traveling too far.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park contains a variety of interesting ecosystems that were different from ones most people associate with seeing in the Pikes Peak region. 

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