Icy Intermann Trail with Friends on a Sunny Day

Took a walk/hike yesterday with my Greek friend.

Not sure if it counted as a hike for this week.

When we got to the beginning of a trail that is the start of more trails, we couldn’t hike on it. Didn’t look like even deer had traveled on it since the last snow.

Manitou Springs Trail by Water Tank

So we headed back down different streets to my house.

She had been back East recently and hadn’t really gotten her altitude energy back, so it was a good walk for her.

Grey Sky Snowy Trail_0860

And the weather was beginning to look ominous to south.

As we neared my house, it did begin to snow just a little bit, so it was good we headed back.

We did see some wildlife on this journey.

This squirrel was busy burying a peanut in the snow drift. He let us get really close.

Pretty squirrely of him on both accounts.

Squirrel & Tracks in Manitou Springs

Whose tracks are these we wondered?

I had walked in the glorious sunshine to a meeting a the Manitou Art Center in the morning.

Sculture with Manitou Incline in the background

That is a half mile there and a bit farther back as I detoured to the Post Office on my return walk.

So I did walk/hike more than 2 miles yesterday. Just didn’t get on a real trail.

Today I spent many hours in my FantaFaces Studio, resisting the temptation to go for a hike today.

It was suppose to get kinda warm, but when I stepped out on my porch for a lunch break, it was still too chilly to sit there for lunch.

Glad I had a good day in my studio and will see what tomorrow brings.


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