Icy Creeks in Cheyenne Mountain State Park

We saw Icy and Water Running in Creeks.

At one juncture of trails, the creek was totally iced over.

Icy Creek at Cheyenne Mountain State Park

We decided to go up the trail we were on a bit farther, and explore this one some time in the future.

But it give us a hint that in the Spring, we might have to cross the creeks very carefully, or might even get our feet wet, as there were no bridges at the many creek crossings we encountered.

This trail was called Medicine Wheel Trail, and that intrigued both of us. But it also was short and headed back to the entrance quicker than we wanted to end this hike.

As we started up the trail, a runner came down and told us it got tricky footing on the trail. We always know we can turn around if we feel unsafe, so we continued upwards. The trail really wasn’t very much more difficult for footing than others we have hiked on before, so were glad we continued on it.

My hiking buddy had taken a “pit stop” and so was behind me when I got to the next creek crossing.

I crossed over a running creek bed without really paying it much attention. 

Creek Bed I Crossed in Cheyenne Mtn State Park

When she got to that creek bed, something caught her eye. She pulled out her camera and took a photograph. Since she doesn’t take as many pictures as I do, I knew she had seen something special. So when she called to tell me that I had to come back, I happily came back down the trail to see what she had discovered.

What she saw in her camera, but not with her eyes, were the ripples in the water. When I got back down the trail and looked down into the creek bed, I did so with more open eyes.

Ripples in Creek in Cheyenne Mtn State Park

I could actually see the ripples when I looked down. She asked me to look from the other side and tell her if I could see them there too. Maybe not as distinct, but yes, I could see the moving water and ripples. But the camera did capture a moment in time differently than watching it move.

I was fascinated by some of the reflections mixed in with the rippling waters. 

And I got down closer to see what patterns would show up.

The red leaf wasn’t noticed at the time, or the pine cone above.

When I played in PhotoShop, they made the images more interesting.

14-01-29_Recflectn Ripples Closer_0598

Even though we spent quite a bit of time mesmerized by the ripples and reflections in the creek bed here. I think we could have spent more time if we weren’t getting a bit chilly by not moving. So we kept walking.

These are a couple of my favorite images.

Soft & hard creek reflections at Cheyenne Mtn State Park

The strong black branches reflected above the green growing plants with a bit of snow reminding the viewer it is winter really came out well when I looked at it on my computer screen.

The hard lines of the rocks with the widening of the creek on either side pulls me in to look deeper at the ripples and reflections in the water.

I know I will be doing something more with these images in the future.

Not sure what, but they have some very spiritual feelings to them.

And every time I look at them, I see something deeper and can feel them calling to be shared.

So will hold them in mind as I continue on my writing journey in the future.


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