Hiking Plans for 2014

2014 began with me standing on a street high in our mountain town watching fireworks that were set off by the AdAMan club who hike up there every New Year’s Eve.

Walking down the hillside, I reflected upon how many places I had hiked over the years.

Even as a child, growing up in Wildwood, Illinois,  I loved to walk distant places in this rural area. And when we moved to a bigger town, Libertyville, there was still the walk behind the houses to the Des Moines River that drew me to its banks on a regular basis.

I love the movement of walking among nature more than riding a bike or being in a car. It is easier to stop and really let the beauty sink in to one’s soul when on foot.

Colorado has been a joy to my hiking soul since I came to College. I not only found groups of people who liked to hike, but cross-country skied in the winter and camped in the summer.

Now I try to hike at least once a week.

And it is my goal to do that in 2014 and share these adventures and why they mean so much to me.

Some of these hikes may be considered walks, but what really is the difference? If one is aware of their surroundings and enjoys the bits of nature they see on these “walks”, then it doesn’t matter what it is called.

I had planned to have a hike on this first day of the year with a friend, but life got in the way. I had to have two professionals come by and do some work for me.

My internet was down since yesterday, and I really needed it back up! So a tech came mid-afternoon to find loose connections that were causing the problem.

And my plumber friend could come by and install a Structured Water Filter today also.

By the time they were both gone, the sun was setting, and a bit too cold.

So, not to despair, I will get my first hike of 2014 in tomorrow when the sun is shining.

It will be in the Garden of the Gods, in my favorite boulder area, with a great view of Pikes Peak.

And although I didn’t take pictures of the fireworks, this is a photo from above Manitou Springs that shows the historic and natural beauty of our little mountain town and why I adore being able to walk its streets every day.

And getting to this place, even though it is all on streets, I consider it a Hike, not a walk!

View from above Manitou Springs

Then there are many choices for hiking beyond this point that I will share in the weeks to come.

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