Hiking Fountain Valley for the Third Time

On the last day of May, I went for another Stroll in Fountain Valley Park.

It was a bit different from the other hikes. It started with a sighting of this very relaxed bunny by the Visitor Center.

Bunny in Fountain Valley Park

On the pond behind the Visitor Center there were three turtles sharing a log. In the big pond farther to the North there was one turtle sunning on a white rock, then he was joined by another one. The cattails were just beginning to green up. After seeing the turtles in Monument Park, it was fun to see more here. I haven’t seen that many turtles in Colorado, but I grew up with them in Northern Illinois.

Turtles in Fountain Valley ParkWe saw very few ducks or geese, but there were a few on the big pond. This Mama Mallard had three duckling with her. We could imagine that many of the other Geese and Ducks were sitting on nests protecting their eggs or young hatchinglings.

Mama Mallard Duck & Geese at Fountain Valley Park

We also saw many Red-winged Blackbirds and Robins seen on this hike. I think everyone in our group took a picture of the black bird on the far left below. He poised beautifully for us as we walked by.

Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds in Fountain Valley Park

It really felt that it was on the edge of summer. Some very green areas, with some very dry area next to them. Flowers beginning to bloom, yet many more in waiting. Most of the flowers we saw were on trees.

Flowering Trees at Fountain Valley Park

The robins were hoping around on the path leading to my favorite tree. It has faces on many areas. I took this one from both sides; one was in the light and the dark. Makes for a very interesting contrasting image. Will have to use it sometime in a book.

Dark & Light side of tree faces in Fountain Valley Park

More fun with Tree faces below. I don’t think I will ever get tired of taking pictures of this tree. Fascinating images that look different each time I see them.

Tree Faces in Fountain Valley Park

It was a glorious day for a hike. The reflections in the water and Pikes Peak in the distance makes this a really beautiful easy hike that anyone can enjoy.


Reflections of Pikes Peak at Fountain Valley Park

Another place I love to play and try and get the perfect image of Pikes Peak and a rusty Irrigation wheel was on our pathway this day.

Rusty Reflections of Pikes Peak at Fountain Valley Park

I think this might have been a better image than the one I submitted to a contest. The sun was out and Pikes Peak showed up more in the distance. It will certainly find a place in my “Views of Pikes Peak” book when I get working on that this winter.

One of the most fun sights was this bird building a nest in one of the small gazebos.

Rafter nesting Bird at Fountain Valley Park

Right after this gazebo, I broke away from the group to walk on one of my favorite side trails that goes down to the river. I first passed this wicked looking bit of driftwood, that is another thing I can’t walk past on this hike without taking a picture of each time.

Wicked Driftwood at Fountain Vally ParkDifferent light and different backgrounds affects just how wicked it looks.

At the water’s edge I came upon this beautiful female Mallard Duck. The purple on her wing was a surprise.

Female Mallard Duck at Fountain Valley Park

She stared at me for a few minutes, then turned and stated to swim away. That was when I noticed a male Mallard who kept alluding my camera.

It took me quite sometime to catch up with the group. I had not realized I had been so long away from them. But I eventually did catch up at the cattail pond.

Cattail Pond at Fountain Valley Park

And as all good things must come to an end, so did this hike. But I had another relaxing place to be. I was to be the “demo-body” for my friends Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Therapy class.



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