First Hike of 2014 in the Garden of the Gods

What is a Hike? Can it be a leisurely walk in Nature? Yes.

And that was today’s Spirit Renewing Hike today.

Still not to my healthy self, this cold just won’t let completely go!

Still I took my first Hike of the year in the Garden of the Gods. It is sort of a tradition to do that.

I have a favorite entrance that isn’t used by many hikers, but is a trail for horse riders. And they were out in force the whole time I was there.

It was a beautiful day, and I climbed up on my favorite boulders to the very ancient cedar trees that I love to lay upon or rest my head in their branches.

The sky was a bit thick, so this photo isn’t as sharp an image of Pikes Peak, but the Heart shaped branches expresses my love of this mountain.

If one continues to walk up the street I live on, 13 miles later, you will be on the top of Pikes Peak. No, I have never done that. But thousands of hikers and runners do it every year.

01-02-14_LovePikePeak HeartBranch_8783

Pikes Peak is a powerful image that has many sides. I had the notion I should take a picture of it every week, even if not on my specific weekly hike, but from some point of view. And I do have some past photos that show off its magnificence that might slip in to that concept. So look for a Peak photo among each week’s Spirit Renewing Hike.

And just for the fun of it, to start this blog off properly, I must include the most typical shot people take in the Garden of the Gods. It is of the formation called “Kissing Camels”, only many years ago, one of the camels lost its hump.


I also see a Walrus and a few other images in the rocks.

What do you see?


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