Cloud Faces in the Garden of the Gods

Everywhere I looked on this hike, I saw faces in the sky.

Some were in groups, others just singular and very obvious.

Spooky and happy cloud faces above Garden of the GodsEvery time I looked at this cloud formation above me while waiting for my hiking partner, I saw more and different cloud faces and creatures .

Some seemed downright spooky, others were laughing and very happy.

And looking at the photo later, where I saw faces shifted many times.

At last count, I found more than a half dozen sets of eyes that were connected to different faces.

How many do you see?

Cloud Faces & Creatures above Garden of the Gods

When we began the hike, I looked back and from a different angle saw totally different creatures and faces following us on the hiking trail.

Just before we went into the canyon section of the creek bed this incredible cloud formation appeared.

Alien Cloud approaching above Garden of the Gods

White flaming hair, frowning lips, wrinkled eyes and a hand reaching for the mountain top.

If you can’t see this cloud being, better get your eyes checked or you imagination reset.

And yes, I know there are other images there also, but the main on was just awesome to behold and had my attention until looking at the photo at home.

Then, for awhile, the sky cleared and was just a beautiful solid deep blue.

Blue Sky above Redstone Cliff in Garden of the Gods

This cloudless deep blue sky made the day a bit warmer than my hiking partner usually likes.

Still she kept on climbing and being in awe at the beautiful place we exploring.

When we came back to the beginning of the trail the tree branches against the blue sky caught my attention.

Cloud version of The Scream in Garden of the GodsThe curve of the clouds fit so beautifully around its rounded top.

Then I saw the cloud version of “The Scream” just above it.

A fun image to take with me for the rest of the day.

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