Cheyenne Mountain Inside and Out

Cheyenne Mountain is a very unusual Mountain.

It is a very functional mountain for our area and the country.

As one would expect in a State Park, it is the natural habitat for many forms of wildlife. The ruggedness of it protects them in many ways.

Yet, one would never guess by looking at if from a distance that it contains a “secret” deep inside.

14-01-29_BlSky Above Mtn_632

Many antennas can be seen on it for local radio stations. I used to know someone who had to drive up that road to maintain them when problems arose. Winter was particularly hazardous time to have to drive up there for him.

It was interesting that I had brought home the movie “Stargate” from a bargain store the same week that I had hiked the trail of Cheyenne Mountain that houses NORAD. Somehow these two things got connected in my mind as I looked for images to use on this post. I actually think the high security place the film showed as where the researchers were was in this mountain. It has always intrigued me that this mountain was hollowed out and a huge military installation was created inside it many years ago.

Years ago, some people worried about this being “ground zero” in case of an attack from another country, but until writing this tonight, I hadn’t thought about that in years. Plus there wasn’t much anyone could do about it if it was. So we went on living our lives without being concerned with what that mountain held inside. I am sure watching the movie with an atom bomb being a centerpiece of the plot reminded me of that thought.

Instead, on the hike, I just enjoyed its natural beauty and marveled at how different it looked from Pikes Peak.

14-01-29_Cheyenne Mtn LongView72_512-3

My hiking partner and I couldn’t figure out what the area that looked like it had water in it in the lower left corner of this photo was. Even as zoomed in as I could get, it remained a mystery. The buildings in the background are in the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. What they are used for, we will have to explore another time. They are near one of the campgrounds, but never got really close enough to them to discern their purpose.

The “Stargate” movie had me seeing Aliens in one area of the rock formations on this mountain.

Can you see them in there?

Rock Formations in Cheyenne State Park

When I was on the hike, I zoomed in on the rocks that were brilliantly lit up and looked as if they were worshiping the sun.

Some were very happy to feel its warming light. Others were patiently waiting for it to shine its rays upon them.

As I am patiently waiting to enjoy some sun again soon. The weather in this area has been unusually cold, as in many areas around the country. Going to take a very short “hike” with a friend tomorrow around noon. Probably just up the street and back. Not really ready to get on an icy trail with the temperature still in the teens . . . And I still have a few more images I can share from this hike if nothing new attracts my camera eye tomorrow . . .



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