Cactus Contrast Winter at Denver Botanical Gardens

There are many different types of gardens growing in this urban setting.

At the far end of the Denver Botanical Gardens where one can view Cheeseman Park, sits a simple adobe building.

02-17-14-Cactus Adobe_1086

Looking at the exterior of this building one wouldn’t know they were about to enter a different type of desert.

Though adobe buildings are more often found in the southwest than in Colorado.

This building has a cactus garden on one side and is filled with many varieties of cactus.

When you enter through the double doorway entrance, you find yourself transported into a desert landscape in miniature.Cactus Thriving at Denver Botanical Gardens

I have visited Arizona Deserts on visits to family living there.

This little cactus garden condenses many different types of landscapes into one room.

On a cold winter day it would truly warm a person’s spirit.

We enjoyed the different viewpoint of seeing the brown and grey Colorado winter landscape contrasted with the green and growing cactus inside this adobe building.

And some of the tiniest ones delighted us the most.

Cactus Blooming at Denver Botanical Gardens

One looked like a pin cushion. We knew that if someone touched it, they would most likely find the wrong end of the pin sticking their finger.

Another had a cheerful white flower that was almost as big as the cactus that it was blooming from.

Just a delightful place to spend time as we hiked around the garden area.

And a lovely break from winter dreariness.

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