A Walk with Two Ladies Becomes a Uphill Hike

On Friday, my Greek friend and Kathleen Suggested we take a Walk together on Sunday.

They had planned on parking their cars at my house to avoid the paid parking in Manitou Springs. But when I got up and started to get dressed, I saw that my cottage tenant had begun the process of moving out and the driveway was filled with trucks and vans. I let both of them know that they couldn’t park here and suggested they park near Kathleen’s new Sharing Inner Health office space where the parking was free.

When I asked where they wanted to walk, they both said town was too crazy full of people. Kathleen quickly said we should hike up the new trail next to the Manitou Incline at the top of my street. I hadn’t known of this new trail, but figured it would be pretty uphill. She said it was an alternative route relating to the very uphill section of the Ute Trail and would be much easier. Right!

The incline is seen on the left, the new trails starting path on the right.

Manitou Incline & Ute Trail alternate Trail

OK, it started out looking easier, but quickly took a turn for the uphill climb.

New Ute Pass TrailWe kept going up and up on some gentle inclines, until we got around the final switchback and had a magnificent view of many directions.

To the East we could see downtown Manitou Springs and an overview of Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods.

Manitou Springs Downtown & view to the East

To the South and West we could see where we came from and green hillsides.

Below us we saw the Ute Trail section we would not be climbing up on.

Ute Trail below in Manitou Springs

Just as we reached the top of the trail, I realized my camera’s battery was about dead. When I looked in my pack, I remembered I had been debating which pack to take on this proposed “walk” and had not switched it out of the smaller pack. So I only had a few more photos I could take.

As we headed down a way I had often climbed up from a street in Manitou Springs above my house, and there were some very snowy and slick sections.

I had not brought my hiking pole on this “walk”, so cautiously made my way down the trail when it got icy and slick.

On this trail we saw many tracks deep in the snow that we did not want to meet on the trail.

Mule & Wild Cat track on Ute TrailAnd then we were delighted to see two of the mules that had been in the Carnivale Parade last weekend.

We learned the owners took them to many races, but Carnivale Parade was an adventure they might not do again. A different type of crowd that had their four-legged friends a bit nervous. And then there were the horns and drums that were types of noises that had them wanting to walk the opposite direction.

They were very friendly and loved getting pets as we talked to the owners and enjoyed this fun chance encounter.

┬áThis was when my camera’s battery totally died, end of photos. So I just drank in the beauty and concentrated on making it down the snowy and slippery slopes that some sections of the trail offered.

We got back to my house in about two hours. They had a potluck to go to, and I had work to do.

I was a bit tired, and took a short nap before getting on the computer.

I was able to finish working on my taxes and had what I needed done to make an appointment with my accountant.

I headed to bed in anticipation of the fun hike planned with another hiking friend on Monday.

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